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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Hello parents, just a reminder that we are working on school work right up to the last day, Math especially. Next week we have business fair, caroling, an assembly and on Friday a dance and a class party/movie. Students will start reading the Bully Boys early next week. They will be expected to finish this small novel by the New Year and to return to school with a speech topic. So students have asked me what I want for Christmas. Peace on Earth would be nice. I have everything I need and would like to encourage good will and charity to others in need. A particular charity I am presently supporting is a small group of people who are fund raising to give the elderly and handicapped small gifts in Ecuador. Usually they receive a small amount from the local government but this year that money was redirected to Earthquake relief. My daughter is presently on the ground in one of the villages and will make sure all money is properly channeled. Below is the direct link to the go fund me page. To make this clear, this is not a fund raising activity by the school, but as I said, one of the many charities you can contribute to this holiday season instead of students getting me a gift. Cut and paste URL to see.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Hello parents, as Christmas is just around the corner, but it is still a long December month, it is important that we keep our children focused right up until the holidays begin. We have just finished our unit on patterning and algebra. Students have learned to find the general linear equation y=mx+b using both graphs and tables. They now can solve growing patterns and also identify and solve repeating patterns. A unit test will be on Thursday next week. Should you know your child will not be there on Thursday, please arrange for them to do it earlier. We are finishing up 'Run' and hopefully will have written our first essay as a class before the break. Science we have started on heat and temperature with a focus on molecular theory. This is a difficult concept to learn, please encourage your child to study frequently for quizzes. Math's new focus until Xmas with be on measurement, conversions, and area and perimeter of regular polygons using formulas. History test is this Monday, it will be 10 true false questions, some Multiple choice and fill in the blanks, with one short answe -reading over notes daily until then is a must. Next we will role play the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (Quebec City). A brief summary of BNA will lead us to the foundation for the book the Bully Boys. Students will learn historical facts about the War of 1812 through this narrative. We are presently practising two point perspective drawing with rulers. Anyways, it will be a packed 4 weeks prior to Christmas. I have been asked to remind Parents if their child is absent or going to be absent to please contact the office directly as we have a new automated phone system. In the case of an unreported abscence, this system will call out, requiring you to respond.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Good day, next week is interview week. I encourage you to sign up on line if you have any concerns. As well, there will be a math test on Wednesday. It will be on Percentages,fractions and decimals. Students should know by now how to identify and calculate problems that are percentage of ( What is 20 % of 80) and percentage is (20 is 50% - what is 100% or 75%) and reasonable estimations. Next unit studied will be solving linear patterns in tables and graphs. Students will use y=mx+b to solve linear equations to the nth number. We are finishing up ecosystems in science, a couple of online test to complete see blog. Students can complete as many times as they wish to achieve a perfect score. Next strand is Heat and Temperature. It is an introduction to molecular theory, a concept that is often difficult to grasp at this age. I encourage students to study for many small quizzes, as they help grasp the larger picture for the unit test. We will also be learning how to write labs. In Novel study we are still modeling APE questions, and will be turning these into a 5 paragraph essay at the end of the book. Until the next time. Cheers Mr. B.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Reminder- Picture Day today and Math Test on Tuesday( Data Management -see previous blog)

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Hello again, Just a quick update. As we quickly move through October, students are adjusting to routine and getting into their Novel Study "Run", by Eric Walters. Students have been placed in small reading groups and are given 4 questions each week to answer. They follow the APE format, where they choose quotes together, answer one question together and three separately. This method promotes discussion and choosing of strong quotes to support their answers. We have had a few shorter weeks due to Thanksgiving and a PD day this Friday, but generally readings and questions will be given on Monday and due on Friday. Initially students take some time to formulate their answers but will become more proficient in writing as the term progresses. In math we have almost finished the Data Management unit, covering Bar and line graphs, intro to Pie charts, Stem and leaf plots, interval data, measures of central tendency (mean, mode and median), graph reading (misleading representation) scaling and biased survey questions. A math test will be given on Tuesday, October 25. Students are advised to look over Chapter 5 in there text and review areas from their notes they had difficulty with (on the PD day) and ask questions on Monday, if necessary. We will be examining the relation between decimal, percent and fractions ( a small numeration unit) and then starting solving patterning using general linear equations. History, commences this week with a general overview of early explorers and picture day is this Monday also. Until next time. Mr. B

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Sorry to the parents who have already check my blog. Unfortunately the last blog didn't post and I didn't check until now. Blogs in our class are used as a method of passing on weekly information and upcoming events. I generally blog every couple of weeks to let parents, tutors and students know of upcoming events and changes in course of study. Daily activities and homework are supposed to be written in the students agenda and are the students responsibility to keep in a neat and updated format. You should be able to look at you child's agenda with them and be able to discuss what has taken place that day in class. I check agenda's weekly to guide my students in good agenda keeping skills. You may contact me using email, but I usually will respond to your requests in your child's agenda. I usually check my email early in the morning 4:30 and at the end of the day. If you leave a phone number I will try to get back to you within the same day. Generally in grade 7 we want the students to assume some responsibility for there learning. If they have an issue, I would prefer, the students to a address it directly rather than the parents, this promotes self advocacy and independence. If your child has an issue, ask them if they have approached me first. If this seems to difficult for them, then as indicated above please leave your number and I will return your call. Blogs will generally looks something like this: Math -New topic starting Tuesday Data Management- Data Collection, graphing, interpreting, central tendency (mode, median, mean) Math Test This Monday Oct 2- (should be in agenda, last Thursday, Friday and Monday with topics) Factoring, LCM, GCF, Square, Square roots, division (with decimal and rounding), multiplication 2 by 3 digit. Divisibility rules. Science- continue on development of ecosystems, food chains and starting species classification Language - Group Aping / Novel study- How to support your answers properly. Health/Drama/Technology - Students will be creating a script, a story board and filming on topic of "Benefits and Dangers of Technology. Wednesday - Field Trip Highlands Nordic, Trappers and Traders - Hands on History lesson, dress appropriate for outdoor activities Please subscribe to the blog, then you will get notification each time I blog. Thanks P.S. Hopefully this one posts